Help More Clients and Build a New Revenue Stream by Adding a Simple and Effective Weight Loss Service to Your Business

Complement your existing services with a proven system to monetize and scale your business while helping your clients look and feel better


With our protocol-driven, research based Weighless MD PRO program you can:

  • Attract a new customer base 
  • Monetize and scale quickly without overhead
  • Save time and money on staff training and procedures
  • Differentiate your business in the market
  • Make weight loss simple and profitable

About Cheri, Owner of WeighlessPRO

Cheri started Weighless MD with the ultimate goal to expand her knowledge by helping  other businesses implement her unique and effective weight loss protocols. Cheri has spent years researching, conducting studies, trialing programs, troubleshooting and perfecting a protocol that has now been recognized nationwide. 

We now train other healthcare practitioners and students because our copyrighted protocols are the gold standard. 

Her passion for health and wellness, and her drive to stay ahead on the latest research has allowed Weighless MD to advance and provide the latest programs in weight loss and wellness today.

"We will help you do the right things for your patients."